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Hi, this is the LilFacts team!

What is LilFacts and what do we do?

Our idea is to release short educational videos that will cover completely different topics, such as interesting people, arts, history, science, and much more.

We noticed that these days teenagers spend a lot of time watching videos on both TikTok and other social platforms.

So we decided to diversify content by releasing similar videos with interesting facts that will allow you to broaden your horizons and spend time online usefully.

Don’t we all want to be able to engage in a conversation on a topic and make an impression of being a well-educated human being? Our videos will help you in achieving this goal.

Our videos are available on our TikTok (_lilfacts_) and Instagram (@lilfacts_). In the future, we plan to expand and we already have some ideas in this regard but for now, we start by introducing you to the most famous historical figures.

We hope for your support!



By Friday 12/03 we have achieved the following results:
  • published 8 videos about historical figures + 1 introductory video
  • published 2 introductory posts
  • the total numbers achieved on both platforms: 227 followers, 2 062 likes, 31 013 views
Our plans for the future:
  •  release videos on new topics such as historical events and arts
  • make videos featuring ourselves to create contact with our audience and draw more attention and interest towards our content, make it lively
  • expand to other social platforms, such as VK, Facebook, Likee



Steve Jobs and
Bill Gates

Want to know the last words of Steve Jobs and how Bill Gates founded Microsoft – watch these videos!

Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa

Want to know how many times Mahatma Gandhi was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and what Mother Teresa was criticised for – watch these  videos!

Joseph Stalin and
Adolf Hitler

Want to see Stalin’s kids and how Hitler looked in childhood – watch these  videos!

Coco Chanel and
Michael Jackson

Want to know when Chanel No.5 was first introduced to the world and what caused the death of Michael Jackson – watch these videos!

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